The Company’s Administrative Officers

The election of officers takes place at the Company Annual Meeting held the first Monday in May of each year. The entire elective Line Officers and four (4) members for the Board of Directors are voted on separately.

Company Officers

   Louis Menendez


   Alan Owen

Vice President

   Jessica Schnieder


   Tina Crepeau

Assistant Treasurer

   Sara Ellis


   Robert Weinstein

Assistant Secretary

Board of Directors

   Louos Menendez

Company President

   Alan Owen

Company Vice President

   Jessica Schnieder

Company Treasurer

   Sara Ellis

Company Secretary

   Andrew Ellis

Fire Chief

   Roger Prinz

Assistant Fire Chief

   Derek Broadmeyer

Ambulance Captain

   Joseph Frengs

Company Member

   Raymond Keough

Company Member

   Glenn Martone

Company Member

   William Doyle

Company Member


Chief Engineer

   Donald Burr

Company Member