The mission of the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department is the preservation of life and property in the Town of Brookfield against the ravages of fire through prevention, education, and suppression.

Aerial Ladder with Hydraulic Platform & Articulating Boom


Your Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company provides Emergency Medical Services, Fire Suppression, Hazardous Material incident mitigation, Rescue Operations, Confined Space Rescue Operations, Fire Prevention, Investigations and Mutual Aid Response.

Jaws of Life

The Firehouse culture is all about immediate response.  It takes constant vigilance and attentiveness to keep the inner workings of a firehouse running at operational excellence.  When firefighters are equipped with the most advanced tools, equipment and fire apparatus, they are better prepared and performance improves.

These are some of our response apparatus and emergency vehicles

Engine 4 Rescue 3 Tanker 2 Car 101

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The Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company has approximately fourteen Fire and Emergency vehicles as well as hundreds of rescue and fire fighting pieces of equipment and tools. There are three fire engines, 2 tankers, 1 utility truck, a grass fire vehicle, a Chief’s investigation car, a civil defense 4 wheel drive vehicle, an aerial ladder with a hydraulic platform & articulating boom, a state-of-the-art rescue engine with over 500 pieces of tools and equipment, 2 ambulances and one ambulance Captain’s car.

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