Today’s State of the Art Firehouse

The BVFC continued to grow and when it celebrated its 30th anniversary in 1964, it had three fire stations, a 500 gallon Maxim fire engine, a 500 gallon Ward La France fire engine, a 1000 gallon tanker, a 1200 gallon tanker, a 4-wheel drive utility truck and 44 active members.  Donated funds were also used to purchase 30 radio receivers… to be located in firemen’s homes to speed response to alarms.  That year, the Fire Company responded to over 200 fire and ambulance calls.

In 1979, the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company had seven fire engines, two ambulances, one rescue truck, and 67 active members.  Only one charter member, Harry Gurski, was still active.  That year, the Fire Company responded to over 500 fire and ambulance calls.

When the Fire Company outgrew the Firehouse Station at Brookfield Center and needed to expand into a new building, the Town of Brookfield made the land at Pocono Road… a three-and-a-half acre parcel ad­­­jacent to the town hall… available for a new firehouse.  The Fire Company paid the architect and engineers directly and the town issued 20 year bonds for the construction costs.  The Fire Company paid back the principal of the bonds to the town at a cost of $67,500 per year… all from donated funds.

The Firehouse opened its doors in 1991 establishing its new Headquarters.  The 20,000 square-foot “state-of-the-art”  facility cost $1.8 million and replaced both the Station A Firehouse on Federal Road and the old Center Station Firehouse on the corner of Obtuse Hill and Whisconier Road.  That year, the Fire Company responded to over 1,000 fire and ambulance calls.

Pocono Road Firehouse Headquarters


The new Firehouse was designed by Danbury architect Roger Whitcomb.  It has fourteen bays… each with an internal exhaust fan connected to a Plymovent Vehicle Exhaust System.   It has a large conference and classroom room, administrative offices, a computer room, a full kitchen, recreational area, shower facility and mandatory drill and training areas.  Training is ongoing for the fire company’s membership which includes firefighting techniques, self contained breathing apparatus, operation of trucks, new firefighting equipment, hose pulling techniques and ladder climbing… as well as maintaining all of the current equipment and apparatus.

The Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company that exists today is very different from when it was formed with its original 20 charter members… but its culture is still the same today as it was in 1934.  Its 78 active members are still volunteers, following in the footsteps of hundreds of other volunteers before them… providing a high level of excellence and dedication in caring for the community… giving their time, skills and talents… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year… never weary, never complaining, never judgmental… risking their lives… always feeling privileged and proud to serve and protect the community of Brookfield, Connecticut.