BVFC History

The Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company (BVFC) was started in 1934 by a small group of concerned citizens foreseeing the need for a local firehouse after too many structures burned to the ground. At that time, there was no fire suppression organization or water supply in the Town of Brookfield. When there was a fire, a call had to be made to Danbury and surrounding towns to send trucks and bring water. By the time they got there, it was usually too late for the building.

The group incorporated in 1936 as the “Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.” as a non-profit organization. They raised startup money, obtained an abandoned hall and old tobacco barn on Whisconier Road converting it to a Firehouse, and bought a 1936 Ford fire truck. The Firefighters paid their own costs with their own money or donated funds because the taxpayers in the 1930’s could not afford a fire company and Town money was unavailable.

The Firefighters also raised the money to build the Fire Station at Brookfield Center in 1954 on a half-acre of donated land. The Company still owns this building and now runs the Ambulance service from this location.

When the Fire Company outgrew this building and needed to expand into a new building, the Town of Brookfield made the land at 92 Pocono Road, which they owned, available for a new firehouse. The Fire Company paid the architect and engineers directly and the Town issued 20-year bonds for the construction costs which were paid back by the Fire Company.

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