After the Storm Recommendations…

An important message from the Connecticut Fire Chief’s Association…

  • Make sure all smoke and CO detectors are in working order.
  • Make sure to clear all egress doors from your residence.
  • Check to make sure all outside heating vents and chimneys are free of snow, especially heating appliances that are vented horizontally.
  • Use caution when clearing around underground propane and fuel tanks.
  • Make sure to clear around natural gas meters.
  • If using supplemental heaters, make sure they are UL listed and follow manufacturer’s recommendation for the proper use.
  • When using generators follow manufacturers recommendations. Generators should never be used indoors or close to any doors or windows.
  • Charcoal should never be used as supplemental heating source.
  • The use of candles for lighting purposes is not recommended.
  • Make sure house numbers are visible.
  • Prior to starting any vehicles that have been outside, make sure exhaust is clear of snow and debris.
  • Remember all downed power lines should be treated as live.
  • Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly or persons with disabilities.

Because of road conditions, there may be delayed responses in getting emergency assistance.

The Connecticut Fire Chief’s Association has provided the attached document as a resource to assist fire department public messaging efforts titled “After the Storm Recommendations”.

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