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Stay Fire Smart and don’t get burned!  When a smoke alarm sounds, find the nearest exit, go outside, and stay outside!  Make an escape plan with your family and remember to practice it.  Once you are outside, go to your meeting place.

Get Below the Smoke!  Stay Low!  Crawl and Go!

  • Smoke can be just as dangerous as fire. Get below the smoke and crawl on your hands and knees keeping your head one to two feet above the floor, where the air will be the coolest and cleanest. Stay low and go! When escaping a fire, make sure you first test the doorknob and spaces around the door with the back of your hand. If it is cool, slowly open the door and look for signs of smoke or fire. If you should encounter smoke, heat, or flames try an alternate escape route.

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Stop, Drop and Roll

  • Stop, drop and roll is the most effective way of putting out clothing that has caught fire. Learn these simple steps and practice the procedure. If your clothes catch on fire…

STOP:  Stop where you are & do not run

DROP:  Drop to the ground & cover your face with your hands

ROLL:  Roll back & forth many times until the fire is out

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Why is the Dalmatian the Official Mascot of Firefighters?

  • In the 1700’s Dalmatians were used to protect horses that pulled English stagecoaches. Typically, Dalmatians would run next to the horses as they pulled the coach. When other dogs tried to bite and scare the horses, the Dalmatian team would chase them away. Over the years, Dalmatians formed a close bond with horses. Because of the dog/horse bond, the Dalmatian easily adapted to the firehouse in the days of horse drawn fire wagons. Since every firehouse had a set of fast horses to pull the pumper, it became common for each group of firefighters to keep a Dalmatian in the firehouse to guard the horses. When the alarm came in, the Dalmatian led the way for the horse-drawn pumper. Once on the fire scene, however, the dogs had other duties as well, including safeguarding the equipment from vandalism and theft.

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Adopt a Fire Hydrant

  • If there was a fire in the middle of winter could the Brookfield Fire Department find the fire hydrant closest to your house? “Adopting a hydrant” is a great way to be involved in fire safety. Whenever it snows, remember to uncover your fire hydrant. A path of about 3-feet surronding the hydrant needs to be cleared. The firefighters will then have enough room to work if they need to use the hydrant. Most hydrants have hydrant markers such as colored sticks attached to them so that they can be seen when it snows.

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Who are Emergency Medical Technicians?

  • In an emergency, EMTs and paramedics are sent by a 911 operator to the scene where they often work with police and fire fighters. Once they arrive, EMTs and paramedics help determine the patient’s condition. They provide the emergency care and then transport the patient to a medical facility. During the transport of a patient, one EMT or paramedic drives, while the other monitors the patient’s vital signs and gives additional care as needed.

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Be Prepared in Every Situation

  • Are you ready to put your planning skills to good use?  Are you ready to help your family get prepared for the unexpected? Your family can use this Web site to create a plan that will help you be ready for many different kinds of unexpected situations! You’re already a great planner! Every day you get your homework done, get to music or sports practice on time and plan where and when you’ll meet up with friends. But how do you get prepared for emergencies? It’s simple! It just takes planning and practice and these fun activities from “Ready Kids can help.

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