Our Annual Firehouse Fund Drive FAQ’s

The Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company (BVFC) is funded almost completely through donations.  We pay for all of our vehicles, equipment, tools, supplies and expenses.

Who Manages the Fund Drive?

  • We do! None of the money we raise goes to an outside fundraiser.  We pay for printing, postage, and a mailing service to stuff the envelopes and process the mailing for the lowest postal bulk mail rates.  Our volunteers do the rest… keeping our administrative costs to a minimal.  Your donation is shared with no one else and 100% of what is raised stays in the Town of Brookfield.

Is My Contribution Tax Deductible?

  • Definitely…  We have been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization exempt from income taxes with your donations deductible for income tax purposes.  We are registered with the IRS and our taxpayer number is 06-6050692.  A CPA does our annual financial report and we file all the required tax documents with the IRS.

Why Doesn’t the Town of Brookfield have Paid Firefighters?

  • Very dedicated and skillful volunteers run the Fire Company.  We have no employees and the Town spends nothing on payroll for Firefighters.  Our Town leaders estimate that the cost of a paid fire department could easily exceed as much as two million dollars per year. The Town would have to raise taxes and money would have to be set aside in the Town budget…  being unable to finance a “Town Fire Department” in any other fashion.  The current arrangement is beneficial to the Town and even better for the taxpayers and people of Brookfield.

Why So Many Letters from You for the Fund Drive?

  • We hope that no one is offended…  Sometimes a donation is not recorded in our computer before a follow up letter goes out.  And we worry that busy people might forget us.  Thanks again for your understanding and future support.

Why Should I Support the Firehouse?

  • We hope that you will… but you are a volunteer in that regard as well.  We do what we do for our Town because we want to help our Community.  It can be dangerous work… but it is less dangerous if our training and equipment are up to date.  That is where our neighbors join in… with some much needed financial support.  We all live here and need to support each other.  We are the “first responders” along with the police to an emergency.  We are the ones who assess, evaluate, plan, manage and take care of an emergency.  We are counting on you because you are counting on us.

I Wish to Make a Donation…

  • Can I make a donation online?
    Yes! You can donate with a online with a credit card or PayPal account. Simply select where you would like your donation applied and click the “Donate” button.

  • Where Can I Mail a Check?
    Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company (BVFC)
    92 Pocono Road
    Brookfield, CT 06804